School Meals

Oldham Free School Meals

Are you eligible?

Oldham Council is urging families to check whether they are eligible for free school meals for the academic year 2023-2024.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has left many families with different financial situations than before.

The worry is that more children will be left facing hunger and malnutrition because parents and guardians are struggling financially and aren’t aware of what they are eligible to claim.

You don’t need to make a separate claim for free school meals if you are already in receipt or have applied for Housing Benefit or help with your Council Tax. Oldham Council will use the information and evidence we have already provided to confirm your entitlement to free school meals.

If you live outside the borough (except Manchester) and your child goes to an Oldham school. Then you will need to apply through your local council in the area where you live.

If people are resident in Manchester/ Rochdale but their child attends an Oldham school, please complete the Free School Meals application form.

For any queries about free school meals you can contact the Council on 0161-770-6688 or email [email protected]